Engineering majors have the competitive edge

Chad Harvey, Milen Womack, Eryk Lorenz-Kruk, Daniel Purdy, Lucas Worthen , Kyle Levin, Niko Casciola, Alan Cruz,  Armando Rollins, Babacar Dilindi, Jared Sork,  Andrew Grenier, Alejandro Leon, Gabrielle Leesman, Michael Robison ,  Kristen Erickson, Patrick Diep,  Brock Hedlund and Michael Blaskovich took home the top prize and had the single highest point total of all the team who flew in the 2011-2012 Florida Space Grant Consortium/Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry’s competition flights. Their rocket reached an altitude of 2,135 feet, far above their 2,000 foot target. Click here to read more about the competition. 

Hunter Garrett, along with team members John Adetoyese-Olagunju, Jessica DeVries, Anna Hallahan, David Jacobsen, Daby Osuji, Navaneeth Saiprasad, Kento Takura and Seong Un Yang placed 12th among 40 teams in the SAE Aero Design East airplane design competition. This is an outstanding result for first time aircraft designers with no prior experience. Click here to read more about the competition. 

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