Evans Library Launches Research Showcase

MELBOURNE, FLA.—The Evans Library at Florida Institute of Technology launched its Florida Tech Research Showcase April 30. The showcase features a series of displays that focus on a sampling of the research conducted in the Florida Tech colleges. Also featured is a look at the essential scholarly information resources required for the research, the wide range of publications resulting from the research and the relevant bibliographic databases.

First in the series is the College of Science. Organized by its departments—Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Space Sciences, and Science and Mathematics Education—this display amply demonstrates international collaborations and far-reaching scientific applications. All result in higher quality of life, health, security, teaching, learning, environment and understanding.

This five-part exhibit in the library’s lobby shows an array of research accomplishments included in “2009 Research News & Report” by Gordon Nelson, dean of the College of Science. In September, Nelson will give a presentation, “The History of Science Research at Florida Tech,” in the library’s Link Multimedia Room.

The College of Science display continues through October and will be followed by an exhibition focused on another Florida Tech college.

For more information, contact Kathy Turner at (321) 674-8839 or e-mail kturner@fit.edu.

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