Exceptional Human Resources project

Occasionally in the course of a semester, when a professor has a particularly outstanding group of students, she just has to let it be known. Praise a lot.
Brag some, and set them up as an example to others. Such is the case with four experienced, motivated and creative students in Dr. Theresa Domagalski’s BUS
3503 Human Resource Management course in Fall 2003. Dr. Domagalski is an associate professor of management. She specializes is human resources and
organizational behavior. Every semester Dr. Domagalski’s human resource classes are required to carry out an HR management simulation. They operate in
teams and follow a players manual. The text they used is “Human Resources Management Simulation” by Jerald R. Smith and Peggy A. Golden, Prentice Hall. Dr.
Domagalski makes up the business, in this case the home improvement industry, and the students take it from there. The object of the project is to have the
team members develop decision-making skills in a simulated business environment. They are asked to make a number of interrelated human resources decisions
and examine the impact of their decisions on the functioning of the organization and on their HR budget. Dr. Domagalski especially praised one team: Shane
Norcross, the “company’s” safety and training director; Navendra Ramnarace, human resources manager; Marcelo Porcel, wage and salary administrator; and
Yohance Dottin, operations liaison. This team did “exceptional” work and “exceeded the requirements of the project,” she said. To see what she’s talking
about, check out the team’s website at http://my.fit.edu/~ydottin/his/

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