Florida Tech Engineering Camp

Every summer, local and international high school students have the opportunity to dive into a collegiate engineering environment at Florida Institute of Technology.

If you’re a 10th through 12th grade student interested in finding a specific major within the Florida Tech College of Engineering, look no further!

Florida Tech Engineering Camp gives students a versatile, hands-on engineering experience. Ashok Pandit, civil engineering department head, said students will be exposed to a snippet of what every department’s undergraduate student learns at Florida Tech.

Recently, a new 3D printing course has been added to the curriculum. This element gives students the chance to creatively engineer their own objects and print them at a Florida Tech 3D printing lab.

A series of interactive courses and activities include but are not limited to: metal working, bridge construction and programming/control system design.

Students also engage in active learning with other departments at Florida Tech that are integral to an engineering major. They get an introductory course to physics, perform experiments in the nanotechnology lab and learn a few computer science applications. For instance, 2014’s nanotechnology lab had students make nanometer-sized magnetite particles in water. The experiment shows students how the particles cause a liquid, called ferrofluid, to form spikes when near a magnet. When the magnet is placed under ferrofluid, students can clearly see the magnetic field lines of the magnet.

Nanotechnology Lab:


Experienced professors, graduate student assistants and lab technicians instruct students in all stages of the camp. By the end of the week, students can sit one-on-one with a College of Engineering department head. Professors and students can discuss topics related to expected course work at Florida Tech, a sizable amount of credits to take, departmental requirements, etc.

Overnight students get to partake in fun evening events where they can visit the beach, Andretti Thrill Park, bowling alleys and movie theaters after the day’s engineering activities.

So discover your inner engineer next summer at Florida Tech Engineering Camp. Explore Florida Tech’s College of Engineering and find your true passion!

Bridge Design and Construction:


Hydraulics Lab:

Engineering Camp 2011 342

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