Experimental Hydrogen Car from KSC to Visit Florida Tech

MELBOURNE, FLA. — A hydrogen-powered BMW car, driven by H.T. Everett, NASA Liquid Propellants and Gases manager at Kennedy Space Center
(KSC), will be on display at Florida Tech’s Panther Plaza (Denius Student Center) on Wednesday, July 25, between 2 and 3 p.m. 
                He is one of four NASA managers who are driving around the state
until Aug. 3 demonstrating the car. The vehicle demonstrates one automaker’s approach and technology to clean energy fuel vehicles. 
                President Catanese will welcome and introduce Mr. Everett and
will discuss the university’s efforts toward developing hydrogen energy solutions. Everett will make a presentation about the car.
                The BMW Hydrogen 7 is the world’s first premium sedan with a
bi-fuelled combustion engine. Bi-fuel drive means that the Hydrogen 7 is suitable for today’s street driving demands using either hydrogen or
gasoline. It can switch from one to the other with a steering wheel-mounted button.  The car is part of a fleet of 100 built for worldwide
evaluation. It is one of several hydrogen-powered vehicles displayed during the Governor’s Global Climate Change Summit in Miami, Fla., and made a recent
appearance with Brad Pitt at the premiere of Oceans 13. There are currently six in the United States. 
                H.T. Everett, or Herman T. Everett, Jr., is technical manager
for hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and nitrogen contracts for NASA. He has been leader of the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Initiative at KSC since 1995.

                The public is welcome to attend.

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