Facebook connects new freshman

Facebook has revolutionized the way people communicate in today’s modern world. Facebook allows people to stay in touch with old friends and even meet new friends without having to leave the computer. Many say this is very anti-personal and I agree, but what if you’re using it to meet new people you wouldn’t be able to meet without having to fly to another state or country even. Well in that case, Facebook is amazing and not technically anti-social. The 2015 FIT class met many new classmates before even stepping on campus by using a Facebook group and page. Here we all chatted about the upcoming school year, plans for college, what we would major in, and who our favorite sports teams
are. We talked about almost everything from favorite music to zombies (aka Humans vs. Zombies). The Facebook group feature also let us chats as a group instantly and this was great way to get big conversations going as a class. We even used the group to find out who would be rooming close to us for the upcoming year. Social  media allows provides us a revolutionary way of contacting friends, meet future classmates and get to know them before even coming to campus.

It’s amazing that we have this tool to communicate and get to know our future classmates before we have even met. The new means of social networking really has changed the way we communicate everyday and even in my classes at school I know that I’ll end up using this new form of communication to plan events or get work done for a class project. I might even get to implement these things into projects I make as a Computer Science major at FIT. It just amazes me how much things have changed with the way we communicate.

There are two places for the FIT 2015 class to interact on Facebook. One is a group and the other a fan page. The Florida Tech Class of 2015 fan page is a way where anyone can join and post on the wall for a “status” like discussion. It’s very minimal and you have to check for new posts on the group as you aren’t alerted when someone posts. The FIT2015 group is a place for everyone to come and communicate and share pictures and even chat in groups. If you’re invited to the group then you are notified when someone posts something or comments on a post you’ve commented on.

These two differences give two choices for preference whether you want to be kept updated or just be able to check to see what’s new and not have anything show up in your notifications. It’s great for people with both preferences. If you want to see all the Florida Tech social media-sphere has to offer, check out the new Social Media Portal.




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