Faculty Spotlight: Marco Carvalho, Computer Sciences

via the Florida Tech Today

Years at Florida Tech: Less than one (started in January)

Teaches: I will be teaching a class in Cross-Layer Design for Wireless Network this coming fall, an Advanced Networks class as part of the computer science program.

Research interests: Tactical networks and information management systems, cognitive MANETs, cyber security, and critical infrastructure protection.

Teaching style: In my view, it is critical that students are engaged in some practical application of what is being taught. Involvement in academic or research projects are generally useful to help students connect what they are learning with why they are learning it.

What attracted you to your field: The complexity and the dynamics of some distributed systems is fascinating to me. For example, in communication networks, cyber security and biological systems, I have an opportunity to bring together different aspects from many disciplines to create new ideas and approaches for modeling and control. Florida Tech has other great researchers in these areas, and it is a very exciting for me to be working and collaborating with them in my research.

Hobbies: I enjoy running and hiking.

Favorite thing about Florida Tech: The environment and the positive attitude of faculty and students. I enjoy the area very much and feel privileged to be able to work on research with faculty and students from all over the world—without leaving Florida.

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