Flying with the Falcon Precision Flight Team

There is nothing better than soaring thousands of feet above the Earth’s surface. It amazes me how in just under one century, humans went from flapping barbaric-looking contraptions, to walking on the moon. Earning my Private Pilot certificate allowed me to become a part of this legendary family of pilots.

As soon as I arrived at Florida Tech, I became a member of the Falcons Precision Flight Team. This is a kind of flying I was not used to. Flying in competition consists of power on landings, power off landings,  and message drops. The accuracy and precision required generates many penalties that the pilot must avoid. In addition, there are ground events that consist of flight calculating, memorizing aviation regulations, and practicing aircraft recognition. Never before have my flying skills been so critiqued.

Every pilot can benefit from precision flying experience. Pilots come from all over the world and learn in many different ways. Precision flying has the ability to unite all of them under one common passion for aviation.

My favorite thing about aviation is how much smaller it makes the world seem. The world of aviation is tightly knit and moves ever quickly. Flying with the falcons has put me on the road to becoming a real asset to this industry through incorporating me into aviation’s global network of standard flight safety.

With great altitude comes great responsibility.

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