FAQ: College of Aeronautics

Do you have questions about becoming an aeronautics student at Florida Tech and cannot find the answers that you want? Here are a list of frequently asked questions and some answers about the Florida Tech College of Aeronauticsa family that I have been a part of for the past four years.

FlyingWhat degrees are offered by the College of Aeronautics (COA)?

There are seven undergraduate degrees offered that include Aeronautical Science, Aeronautical Science with Flight, Aviation Management, Aviation Management with Flight, Aviation Meteorology, Aviation Meteorology with Flight and Aviation Computer Science. The three degrees that include flight are available through the partnership between the COA and F.I.T. Aviation located at the Melbourne International Airport. In addition to the flight option, all seven undergraduate degrees offer an Air Traffic Control specialization. Those degrees allow you to obtain an undergraduate degree while becoming a pilot. COA also offers several graduate degrees including Airport Management and Development, Applied Aviation SafetyAviation Human Factors and a Ph.D. in Aviation Sciences.

What types of classes are offered at the College of Aeronautics?

As an aviation junkie, I love the classes that I have had to take throughout my college career. Some of my favorites have included Aviation Meteorology, Aviation Planning, Aviation Design, Aviation Advanced Computer Applications, Air Transportation Management and Aviation Safety. My favorite by far has been Aviation Business Simulation. In this class, we use a computer software program that simulates the aviation industry. Each student competes against one another by starting and running their very own airline. After taking these classes I have acquired many aviation skills and knowledge to help prepare me for a future in aviation.Aviation Management Flight 1

How are the professors at the COA?

The College of Aeronautics professors are more exceptional than I ever imagined a group of college faculty would be. They are made up of industry professionals that have experienced what they are teaching. The faculty includes airport planners and designers, aviation industry lawyers, meteorologists, airport directors, commercial airline pilots and military pilots! All of the COA professors are not only extraordinary professors during your college years, but they continue to care after graduation to make sure you secure the right career after college.

How can I get involved as an aeronautics student?

COA has many student clubs to become a part of throughout your college experience. The club that I have been the most active with is Collegiate Aviation Business Executives (CABE). CABE is a networking organization that tours airports, visits aviation facilities and attends conferences. There are many opportunities to meet professionals in the industry that could potentially lead to internships and jobs. Other student organizations at the COA include the Falcons Flight Team, Women in Aviation and the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI).


What type of researched is conducted at the College of Aeronautics?

COA dives into many areas of research. Dr. Deaton is the Director of Research at COA and specializes in aviation human factors. Most of the research developed by him and his students include human performance issues, aviation psychology, man-machine systems and human-computer interaction and design. One of the most recent additions to Florida Tech research is the Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability (PEGASAS). Florida Tech has partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration and several other universities to research and improve the safety of general aviation.

How do I get into contact with the College of Aeronautics if I have additional questions?

The offices for the College of Aeronautics is located on the second floor of Skurla Hall which include the Dean, faculty and administration. The COA address is 150 W. University Blvd Melbourne, Florida 32901. They can also be reached by phone at (321) 674-8059 or email at aero@fit.edu. Visit the COA virtually on their website, Facebook or LinkedIn!

How do I become a part of the COA family?

Apply NOW to not only become a Florida Tech Panther, but also to start an adventure that will prepare you to become an aviation expert! The Florida Tech College of Aeronautics is a world-wide leader in educating and preparing those who are successful professionals in the aviation community.

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