Feb. 8 Event Seeks High-Tech Boost for STEM Education

X-FILEs Jam Funded by the
National Science Foundation

MELBOURNE, FLA. — College students from across Florida will come to Florida Tech on Feb. 8 for a unique, one-day challenge: create and develop solutions for using artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile learning, virtual reality and other cutting-edge technologies to solve challenges in STEM education.

The X-FILEs Jam is part of the National Science Foundation-funded eXploring the Future of Innovative Learning Environments project. It is co-hosted by Florida Tech chemistry professor Kurt Winkelmann and Jungwoo Ryoo, a professor of information sciences and technology at Penn State Altoona. Both men have conducted research into learning in virtual environments.

Student teams participating in the X-FILEs Jam will generate ideas to the following challenge statement: “Using what you’ve learned about innovative learning environments, create a solution that improves or enhances the student experience for a challenging dimension of college-level STEM education.”

They will work within four broad technology categories: personalized/adaptive learning; multi-modal formats; X-Reality; and artificial intelligence/machine learning technologies. Additionally, the student teams will be encouraged to address where in the course experience these technologies (individually or a creative mix) may be applied.

Student teams will be guided through the process of posing solutions to the challenge statement. The process will include creating a storyline of a learner, identifying a “day-in-the-life” scenario, and crafting solutions that make learning accessible, flexible, creative, and engaging, according to event organizers.

The event is free to attend for college students, and each attendee will receive an honorarium that can offset travel expenses. Registration is required.

For more information, please contact Winkelmann at kwinkel@fit.edu. To register, click here.


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