Your Guide to On Campus Employment

Whether you are looking to make money or develop new skills, there are countless employment opportunities available for students on campus.

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Something great about working at Florida Tech is you can find a job relevant to your major or work in a field you never knew about before. Some of the different areas you can work in include

  • Lab or research study
  • Athletics
  • Student Services
  • Campus offices and departments

College Rolls vs. Work Study

You may think, “Wow, there are tons of different jobs on campus to choose from!” While this is true, you may not be eligible for the job you want.

Guides lead tours through campus on Discovery Days
Guides lead tours through campus on Discovery Days

Your FAFSA application determines if you are qualified for Federal Work Study or College Roll. FWS positions are jointly funded by the federal government and either the university or an off-campus nonprofit-employer. Only United States citizens and permanent residents who are awarded FWS in their financial aid package are eligible for FWS jobs.

Students who are ineligible for FWS should apply for College Roll jobs. College Roll is available to all students, including graduate and international students. While FWS is mainly funded by the government, College Roll is paid for by the department the student is working for.

However, both types of jobs are part-time and start at $8.05 an hour. While you may not be awarded FWS every year, some departments have FWS and College Roll positions so you may be able to keep your job if you become ineligible.

Finding Jobs


Access has links to employment opportunities under the Student Services tabs. You can find links to the Career Resource Center, FWS information, College Roll postings and internship opportunities.

Career Resource Center

Panther Career Link

The Career Resource Center provides students with tools to succeed when looking for a job, whether before or after graduation. They offer resume tips, career building workshops and tips on negotiating salaries. The Center also provides networking information, planning tools and a job search engine at the Panther Career Link. If you need more help than what is listed on the Center’s website, do not hesitate to stop by their office for more information.

Ask Around

As many students work on campus, it is likely someone you know holds a FWS or College Roll position. Networking with your peers and professors is a great way to find jobs. They may know of an opening in their department that was not posted online or just opened up.

Even if you are thinking about looking for a job, take a look at the options Florida Tech offers to students. You may just find what you are looking for!

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