Florida Tech – Valencia Partnership Celebrates its First Graduates this Spring

This May, six students will be the first to graduate from Florida Institute of Technology’s partner program with Valencia College at the Valencia Lake Nona campus – each will receive a Bachelor of Science in Logistics Management.

Three of those students; Jacob Johnson, Brittany Kemp and Alaaeddine Minyaoui, received their associate’s degree from Valencia College before entering the logistics management program. While the other three students including Sean-Michael Kemp, James Rico and Julie Skipper, transferred from UCF, Sullivan University and Eastern Florida State College, respectively.

We asked the soon-to-be grads to share some thoughts about their academic journey.

A special connection

The students came from all over – New York, Pennsylvania, Montana and even Morocco. Before entering the bachelor’s program, three served in the military. This background provided them with a special connection and interest in logistics. Jacob Johnson, a logistics specialist in the U.S. Navy and Julie Skipper, a veterinary technician in the U.S. Air Force, told us that the logistics management program allowed them to expand their knowledge in a field they were already passionate about.

And James Rico, who also served in the military, said he was excited to find a program that matched his interests so well.

“My whole military career was in logistics, supporting various military organizations such as cavalry, armored, infantry, military police and chemical with their logistical needs to successfully complete their missions,” Rico said. “I was fascinated that there was a program that realized the value of logistics management.”

What makes the program so valuable?

When asked about their experience, the students all said they appreciated the depth and breadth of the information they learned about logistics management.

“This program opened a whole new world to me,” Minyaoui said. “I was always fascinated by the logistics world and the ability of the companies involved in this field to satisfy their customers. Making sure that the right items gets to the customers on time. And every day is a new challenge.”

Others appreciated the applicability to connect their past careers and future goals.

“The program offered a wide range of various skills that we will need to succeed in field,” Skipper said. “There were also leadership and management classes that provided further insight into more careers.”

Some enjoyed the flexibility that the program offered.

“This program allowed me to finish faster with more flexibility at a comparable tuition to UCF,” Sean-Michael Kemp said. “This program also allowed for more schedule flexibility.

Looking ahead

Finally, looking back at their journey throughout the program, the students expressed appreciation and excitement for the future.

“This is an outstanding program and I’m honored to be part of the first graduating class in this pioneering field of study,” Rico said. “I expect great success from this program.”

Congratulations on your achievements, graduates!

Written by Lauren Remenick, Site Administrator at Florida Tech –  Lake Nona


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