Florida Tech and Devereux Florida Sign Agreement of Mutual Support

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Leaders of Florida Institute of Technology and Devereux Florida signed a memorandum of agreement on Aug. 24 in the office of Florida Tech President Anthony J. Catanese. The president and Devereux Florida Executive Director Steven J. Murphy, agreed to solidify a long-term relationship and formally pledge to provide mutual support.

“So many of our psychology programs mesh with the fine work done at Devereux Florida and, over the years, many Florida Tech psychology graduates have begun careers there. We foresee this agreement will only strengthen an already-successful partnership,” said President Anthony J. Catanese.
A School of Psychology strength is its behavior analysis degree programs. Jose Martinez-Diaz, director of the Applied Behavior Analysis program at Florida Tech, replicated the program at the university’s Orlando extended studies site.

“We have several ideas for joint research projects that are a natural match for the work done at Devereux and our students, especially in Orlando where we have 31 graduate students,” said Martinez-Diaz.

As a research-intensive doctoral university, Florida Tech is always seeking applied research opportunities. “We are very excited about the joint research and training possibilities with Devereux in such areas as autism, developmental disabilities, and child and adolescent mental health. We will build on the great support that Devereux has always shown for the university’s new initiatives and programs,” said Mary Beth Kenkel, dean of the Florida Tech College of Psychology and Liberal Arts.

Florida Tech’s upcoming opening of the Scott Center for Autism Treatment and subsequent program enhancement in this area is a natural fit for collaborative efforts between Devereux Florida and the university.

“The alignment of expansion for autism services for both Devereux and Florida Tech create possibilities that are endless,” said Murphy. “Devereux is very committed to education. Thanks to our collaboration with Florida Tech, many of our staff members have earned graduate degrees and certification in applied behavior analysis.”

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