Florida Tech Announces 2003 Presidential Award for Excellence Recipients

– Florida Institute of Technology President Anthony J. Catanese announced today the winners of the first Presidential Award for University Excellence. The
annual award recognizes faculty and staff contributions to the life of the university beyond regular duties of employment. This year, 23 faculty and staff
members were so honored.

“We are pleased to begin this annual program to recognize those who go above and beyond the call of duty to make Florida Tech a better place to work,
research and learn,” said Catanese. “Each of this year’s winners has, in his or her own way, contributed greatly to the life of the university. In so
doing, they demonstrate more than excellence in the performance of their job responsibilities.”

The awards process was a collaborative one, with nominations coming from the university’s provost, vice presidents and deans. Award winners will receive a
letter of congratulations from Dr. Catanese and an award of $1,500.

This year’s award winners are, Mr. Jason Ball, information technology; Mr. T.K. Dove, property administration; Dr. Paul Cosentino, civil engineering; Dr.
Maria Pozo de Fernandez, chemical engineering; Dr. Paavo Sepri, mechanical and aerospace engineering; Mr. Dan Simpson, engineering; Dr. Muzaffar Shaikh,
systems engineering; Ms. Carolyn Sorrell, biological sciences; Dr. Ralph Turingan, biological sciences; Dr. John Morris, biological sciences; Dr. Jon
Shenker, biological sciences; Dr. Clayton Baum, chemistry; Dr. Robert Fronk, science and math education; Dr. Paul Davis, aeronautics; Dr. Karen Chambliss,
management; Dr. Phil Farber, psychology; Ms. Rosemary Kean, library; Mr. Ken Droscher, alumni affairs; Ms. Yola McCune, admission; Mr. Tony Nolis,
facilities management; Dr. Gordon Patterson, humanities; Dr. Junda Lin, biological sciences; and Dr. Alan Brown, chemistry.

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