Florida Tech Announces New Online Space Propulsion Systems Course

– Florida Institute of Technology has developed a new offering for its Summer 2004 online course schedule, SPC 5004 — Space Propulsion Systems. This
course is a requirement in the Master of Science in Space Systems offered through the School of Extended Graduate Studies and is the first Space Systems
course that Florida Tech has offered online.

Don Platt will teach the course and said he is looking forward to the challenge of providing a traditional course in a new way.

“Rocket propulsion has always been a very important part of any space vehicle and there is renewed interest in propulsion with President Bush’s new space
initiative,” said Platt. “This course provides an overview of all the current means of providing space propulsion and also looks at the near-term future of
rocket propulsion.”

The Space Propulsion System course covers topics such as principles of rocket propulsion, liquid and solid chemical rockets, throttling and thrust
vectoring, electric and electromagnetic propulsion, solar sailing, space tethers and nuclear radioisotope, fission reactor and fusion propulsion systems.

Classes for summer 2004 online courses begin April 26, 2004. For more information, contact Don Platt at (321) 243-4633 or dplatt@fit.edu.

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