Florida Tech Campus Observations: Much to Do Except Nothing

I find it astounding that there aren’t more people that use the abundance of campus benches simply to sit and watch the world go by. It seems students these days are more focused on keeping their eyes glued to social media than to stop and watch their surroundings for a bit. I try to make it a point to just sit and relax in the middle of campus at least once a week. It’s amazing the things you see and the people you can run into when you stay in one place for just a half hour.

We go to a pretty fast-paced school. Schedules are jam-packed with very little time to spend smelling the proverbial roses. But even the greatest minds required time to just sit and let their thoughts swirl around in their head before they sought other mental stimulation. Making time to sit back and take things in helps me organize my thoughts and clear my head for the upcoming stressors in my life.

Sometimes friends I come across are puzzled as to why I’m just sitting and doing nothing. They often think it’s a waste of time until I ask them to sit down with me for five minutes and just relax.  More often than not, they end up spending the entire half hour or so with me. Occasionally, a professor I have had for a class sees me and we catch up. I had never really bothered to get to know a professor outside of a classroom setting, but if you have the time to chat, it’s definitely worth it—our professors can be pretty awesome.

So the next time you’re out running around, try to think if you have a few spare minutes to just sit down and watch the world go by. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up joining you.

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