Florida Tech Celebrates Holi

Recently, I participated in something I had never done before (and really hope to do again in the future). Florida Tech’s Student Government Association held a festive Holi celebration in Southgate Fields. Holi is a Hindu festival of colors that celebrates love and spring. There was paint by the bucketful, great Indian music, a Slip-and-Slide and water balloons. It was amazing to throw paint everywhere, get hit by paint, get soaked with water and slide around on the Slip-and-Slide. I ended up a painted wet mess, but I had a fantastic time. Check out the photos below and Happy Holi!


Photo Mar 16, 11 47 13 AM
Fellow blogger, Emily Burch and friends splattered with paint!
Photo Mar 16, 11 47 31 AM
From head to toe, no area was left without paint!
Photo Mar 16, 11 48 01 AM
Super colorful friends!

Photo Mar 16, 12 08 13 PM
Fellow students participating in Holi!
Photo Mar 16, 12 08 34 PM
Blue Holi paint powder splattered on the grass. By the end of the day, the entire field looked like a rainbow threw up. It was awesome.
Photo Mar 16, 12 08 54 PM
Holi celebrators, waiting for a turn on the slip and slide!
Photo Mar 16, 12 09 00 PM
This was the colorful view of my legs mid celebration!


Photo Mar 16, 12 08 45 PM
Gathering around the water bucket to splash friends and fill up the water guns!
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