Florida Tech Charts Revitalization of Anchorage Property

$5 Million Campaign Will Restore, Enhance Facilities

 MELBOURNE, FLA.—Florida Institute of Technology President Anthony J. Catanese recently hosted a luncheon to outline the future of the university’s three-acre Anchorage property at the mouth of Crane Creek on Melbourne Harbor.

Catanese said that he has received numerous offers and proposals to either sell or take advantage of joint-venture opportunities to commercialize the property with retail space, offices, restaurants and condominiums. After much thought and consideration, Catanese concluded that, while potentially financially lucrative, these commercial offers would not further the interests of Florida Tech’s marine/ocean research, educational, recreational or athletics needs.

“Florida Tech is committed to offering our students academic and athletics opportunities that are unmatched,” said Catanese. “A revitalized Anchorage would be a tremendous asset to our university, our students and the community as a whole.”

Catanese announced the launch of a $5 million fundraising campaign to re-develop the Anchorage property on the Melbourne Harbor. The goals are to restore the 4,400 square-foot Roberts Annex, which housed so many oarsmen, to a community alumni and athletic office center while maintaining the original exterior look; renovate the original two-car garage to become the Anchorage dock master’s office; and add a 16,250 square-foot rowing center to be located on the west side of the property. The current crew boathouse will be renovated for Florida Tech’s sailing club and championship concrete canoe team.

To coordinate the three-year campaign, the Office for Advancement created a committee to plan redevelopment and fundraising efforts. Involved in the launch announcement were members of the fundraising committee and several trustees, including Dale Dettmer, chairman of the Board; Erik Joh, secretary of the Board and chairman of the Advancement Committee; members of the administration; special guests including Bill Stowe, stroke of the 1964 Olympic Gold Medal crew; Rollins College President Emeritus Thaddeus Seymour, a former Dad Vail winning rowing coach at Dartmouth College; and Jack Galloway, current chairman of the Dad Vail Regatta.

For more information on contributing to the Anchorage campaign, call John Thomas at (321) 674-6220.

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