Florida Tech College Graduate Salaries are Among the Highest.

Let’s be honest, money matters, especially when it comes to choosing one’s career path.  When deciding on a college and major, most students try to find the balance of doing what they are passionate about and what will provide them with the lifestyle they desire.  Attending a college that is respected in the workplace is critical to landing that dream position.

PayScale.com ranks college graduate salaries, and ranks the Florida Tech bachelor’s degree graduates among the top 60 private research universities in their 2011 College Salary Report.  This is clear evidence that employers value a degree earned from Florida Tech because Florida Tech graduates stand out in the workforce.

PayScale.com is the world’s largest database of individual employee compensation profiles, offering an immediate snapshot of the job market. PayScale found the starting salary of a full-time employee with 5 years of experience or less in their field who hold a bachelor’s degree from Florida Tech and no higher degrees have a median salary of $50,700. PayScale.com also found the average mid-career salaries (full-time employees with at least 10 years of experience in their career or field hold a bachelor’s degree and no higher degrees) of who Florida Tech graduates is $84,500.  Lastly, Florida Tech’s average college graduate salaries were ranked highest of all Florida private universities.

PayScale.com offers valuable unbiased data that can give prospective and current students deeper insight into university and degree program outcomes in today’s job market. The graph below represents the median salary of Florida Tech graduates in their field.

Did you know, Florida Tech grads have 91% job (or grad school) placement within 6 months of graduating? At salaries averaging $55,000!

Which one will you be?

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