Florida Tech Donation Helps University Park Upgrade Outdoor Area

MELBOURNE, FLA. — A donation from the Florida Tech Student Activities Homecoming Committee of more than $1,000 is helping physical education (PE) activities
at neighboring University Park Elementary Magnet School. The school has begun the process to rebuild its outdoor PE equipment area.
“We are grateful to the Florida Tech students and to Ken Calcatera. He was instrumental in arranging the donation and also helped us last year,” said Donna
C. Entsminger, principal of the elementary school.
Calcatera, a 1972 Florida Tech master’s degree graduate, is a member of the university’s Alumni Board of Directors. Last year, supporting the Student
Activities Homecoming Committee, he led a successful landscaping project at University Park. “He’s the epitome of a good Alumni Association Board member,”
said Ken Droscher, executive director of the Florida Tech Alumni Association.
This year the committee raised more than $2,000, dividing it between the United Way and the elementary school.

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