Florida Tech Faculty Earn Development Grants

– Seven Florida Tech faculty members have been awarded Faculty Professional Development Grants of between $500 and $2,500 each. The grants program provides
opportunities for Florida Tech faculty to enrich their teaching and professional development through participation in technology-related projects and
travel. The seven funded proposals were chosen from among 21 submissions.

The 2004-2005 recipients are:

Dr. Wade Shaw, professor of engineering systems, for “Ad-Hoc Desktop Sharing in the Classroom”;

Dr. Monica Baloga, assistant professor of chemistry, for “Using Technology to Improve Instructional
Quality in the Lab”;

Dr. Theresa Domagalski, associate professor of business, for “Automated View of Human Resource Management”;

Suzanne Jones, collection management librarian, for “Advocacy for Reform in Scholarly Publication”;

Michael Splitt, adjunct engineering professor, for “Sensing Sea Breeze Clouds for the Marine Field Project”;

Dr. Marcus Hohlmann, assistant professor of physics and space sciences, for “Development of Florida Tech’s First Grid
Computing Cluster for Education and Research”;

Dr. Pierre Larochelle, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, for “Novel
Instructional Modules for Machine Design”.

The Academic Information Technology Committee (ACITC) makes the awards after considering proposals in several categories. These include development of
on-line course or technology-based instructional materials; participation in information technology-related conferences; on-campus seminars and guest
speakers; and hardware and software purchases.

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