Florida Tech Flight Students Boost Skills on New Training Equipment

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Tech has purchased six new Basic Aircraft Training Devices (BATD) for use in the lab that supports aeronautic courses on campus.
The new equipment helps students to visualize and practice what they learn in the classroom and backs up their private, instrument and several ground
Students with instrument ratings can use the BATD lab to practice instrument procedures and maintain instrument proficiency.
Additionally, the college purchased two Advanced Aircraft Training Devices (A-ATDs). Initially put to use by F.I.T. Aviation at the Melbourne International
Airport, they will become centerpieces of the new Emil Buehler Center for Aviation Education and Research, when it becomes operational in spring 2008. This
equipment provides cockpit and wrap-around visuals to give the look, feel and capability of a much more expensive simulator. The BATDs and A-ATDs are made
by ELITE Simulation Solutions, based in North America in Orlando, Fla.
“As the price of AVGAS airplane fuel continues to rise, the BATD and AATD support becomes even more valuable to students as an affordable alternative to
aircraft rental,” said Kenneth Crooks, interim dean of the Florida Tech College of Aeronautics. “The more state-of-the art our equipment is, the better we
can serve our students.”

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