Florida Tech Launches National Chronic Fatigue Survey

MELBOURNE, FLA. — The National Chronic Fatigue Survey, an Internet-based survey of fatigue related to chronic illness, has been launched by The Fatigue
Management Institute of Florida Institute of Technology. The survey is designed to gather information on the nature and impact of chronic fatigue
associated with chronic medical disorders.

Survey findings will be used to better describe the experience and severity of fatigue related to chronic medical disorders and will contribute to the
development of improved techniques for managing fatigue. The survey is open to adults with a chronic medical condition and can be completed anonymously.
The survey can be accessed at: http://research.fit.edu/fmi.

The Fatigue Management Institute conducts research on fatigue and fatigue management interventions, and provides fatigue management training. The institute
is located within the School of Psychology at Florida Tech in Melbourne, Fla. For more information, contact Thomas H. Harrell, Ph.D., at tharrell@fit.edu.

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