Florida Tech Offers Two New Pilot-Training Courses

Florida Tech Offers Two New Pilot-Training Courses

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Florida Institute of Technology announces two, new advanced airline pilot flight courses to be presented in conjunction with Aerostar Training Services of Orlando. The courses, Jet Transition and Commercial Type Rating, are aimed at upper-division students who plan careers with commercial airlines.

The offering is unique in that it allows students to use regular electives in their bachelor’s degree program to prepare fully for a career flying a large transport jet. Although jet transition and type rating courses are available on the open market, no other college or university offers this program as part of its academic degree.

“We are very excited to make this opportunity available to our students in the College of Aeronautics,” said Dean Winston Scott. “The courses will prepare them well and provide all the ratings necessary to go directly to a major airline. This is a significant step forward, and represents the gold standard in collegiate flight training.”

Although most colleges and flight schools offer commercial multi-engine ratings in propeller airplanes, type ratings (required for all turbojets), have not been offered for academic credit. The type rating check ride is beyond the commercial certificate: it is conducted to airline transport pilot standards. “This is truly innovative and reinforces Florida Tech’s excellent reputation for flight training,” said Scott.

According to Peter Dunn, program manager, assistant professor and faculty adviser, there has been much talk in the industry about the looming pilot shortage in the United States. “At Florida Tech, we decided to do something about it,” he said.

“Recently, the U.S. Congress has mandated airline pilot standards for first officers. We are responding to what the new law intends. We want to give our graduates the ability to compete for major airline jobs. Having this credential is a huge step in that direction. Airline recruiters understand the value of a type rating.”

A type rating, according to Dunn, proves that pilots have the “right stuff” to pass the rigorous airline initial training. This program is designed to enable Florida Tech students, with additional flight hours, to bypass the regional carriers and get a job with a desirable national carrier.

“At this time, we will offer the A320 and B 737NG type ratings so that students can target the airline of their choice. We also plan to offer a summer school program, so students from other colleges may also take these courses,” said Dunn.

Florida Tech, teaming with Aerostar Training Services of Orlando, will offer a three course sequence: Flight Observation Lab (already available), Jet Transition and Commercial Type Rating in either the A320 or B737. Students may take any or all of these courses. To enroll, prospective students may call Nick Galli, Florida Tech College of Aeronautics, (321) 674-7369.

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