Florida Tech Partners with Laserchrome Technologies to Offer Digital Image Certificate Program

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Florida Institute of Technology’s Office of Strategic Initiatives has partnered with Laserchrome Technologies to offer a Digital Image Technology certificate program consisting of four courses. An introduction to Digital Image Technology is followed by three additional courses, which take a closer look at various aspects of the art and business applications of digital image technology.

Emily Kubica, president of Laserchrome, approached Florida Tech with the idea because of the company’s work with the Kennedy Space Center and NASA. “Jobs are the #1 priority for all of us in Brevard today,” Kubica said. “We’ve trained college students and seen them begin successful careers with our county’s largest employers and realized we had an opportunity and an obligation to give back by opening our doors and providing the training that could help someone find a new position.”

Susan Eaton, director of the Florida Tech Global Center for Preparedness Programs, has been working with the Aerospace Workforce Transition team to provide professional certification training for employees impacted by the evolution of the space shuttle program. “What really excites me about this program,” she said, “is that each course is structured around the completion of a finished project or complete commercial product that someone can include on a resume or show in a portfolio when interviewing for a new position.”

All four courses are taught on site at Laserchrome’s state of the art production facility in Melbourne. “With Laserchrome’s experience working with Disney, McDonald’s, John Deere, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Smithsonian and many other large companies and organizations, the students will be learning from an industry leader in the field of digital image technology,” said Eaton.

The first course begins Tuesday, April 27, and runs six weeks, with two three-hour classes per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2 to 5 p.m. More information, including how to register, may be found online at www.fit.edu/gcp/programs/dit.php .

The Florida Tech Office of Strategic Initiatives offers a variety of courses and expertise in developing and customizing training for local and national employers. For more information, contact Eaton at (321) 674-8342 or visit http://www.fit.edu/gcp.

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