Florida Tech Plans Comprehensive Outreach Program for Katrina Victims

– Florida Institute of Technology President Anthony J. Catanese announced a sweeping program today designed to provide aid and comfort to those most
affected by Hurricane Katrina. Catanese, who serves as co-chair of the Florida Campus Compact, said the seven-part program the university is implementing
is the result of several days of consultation and planning.

“After Hurricane Katrina had passed, I spoke with a colleague, Dr. Gregory O’Brien, the former chancellor of the University of New Orleans. He knew
conditions in the city were going to get worse, and asked at that time for us to consider ways to help,” said Catanese. “Later, in consultation with
Congressman Dave Weldon, we began work on the program that we’re pleased to announce today.”

The plan is as follows:

Florida Tech will extend its enrollment period to allow students from Brevard County that attend universities in the affected area, including, but not
limited to, Tulane, Loyola, Xavier, Southern, Dillard and UNO, to attend classes at the Melbourne campus. Florida Tech will waive tuition for these
students for the fall semester. Students interested in taking advantage of this enrollment option should contact the university’s registrar’s office at
674-7400. Further, members of faculty and staff will open their homes to students who need a place to stay. Those interested may contact Dr. Terry Oswalt,
Vice Provost for Research, at 674-7325. Florida Tech students from the affected areas will be helped on a case-by-case basis.

Florida Tech will offer its research facilities to faculty from affected universities in areas who have critical needs. Interested faculty may contact
Oswalt to learn more.

The Florida Tech Student Government Association, working with Florida Campus Compact, will undertake a major fundraising effort for the Red Cross and
Salvation Army.

The Florida Tech Alumni Association will undertake a fundraising effort to match, dollar for dollar, the funds raised by the Student Government

Under the direction of Athletics Director Bill Jurgens, Florida Tech student athletes will assist in emergency relief when local, state and federal
government officials deem such relief appropriate and timely.

During fall break and between semesters, if appropriate, our students will organize several relief efforts for the affected regions in Alabama, Mississippi
and Louisiana.

Florida Tech’s radio station, WFIT, will provide a public service by broadcasting information on when, how and where to give donations for hurricane relief

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