Florida Tech Presents Special Lecture on Hungary

– Dr. Imre Hronszky, of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE), will present “Life in Hungary, Perspective on a Decade of Change,” on
Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. The lecture, on political and economic systemic change, will take place in the F.W. Olin Engineering Auditorium, on University
Blvd. The public is welcome.

About 30 Florida Tech students will attend the lecture in preparation for a spring break trip to Hungary in March for a three-credit course. The course,
led by Dr. Lars Jones and Dr. Matt Ruane, will be a historical and cultural experience.

Dr. Hronszky is head of the BUTE Department of Innovation Studies and History of Technology. The BUTE is the largest institution of technological research
and education in Hungary and the oldest engineering university in Europe.

Dr. Hronszky is also the Hungarian principal investigator in a partnership between BUTE and Florida Tech. The year-old program is designed to help Hungary
confront urgent environmental problems and achieve a market economy within the European Union. It is also aimed at reinforcing United States interests in
Central Europe by helping BUTE to educate a new generation of informed trading partners.

For more information, call Marilyn Goravitch at (321) 674-8073.

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