Florida Tech Provides Free Lean Manufacturing Training to Aerospace Workers

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Florida Institute of Technology’s office of Strategic Initiatives recently partnered with Time Wise Management Systems to offer free training through a U.S. Department of Defense grant to Time Wise. The grant has enabled Florida Tech to offer free, online Time Wise® LeanPro Manufacturing training to individuals in the military and defense industry, which includes workers at Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

To date, more than 100 employees at KSC and Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, have taken advantage of this online course.

Susan Eaton, director of the Florida Tech Global Center for Preparedness programs, works with the Aerospace Workforce Transition team to provide professional certification training for employees impacted by the evolution of the space shuttle program. “I am thrilled to offer this course for free and am currently investigating additional training grants for this group,” she said.

Time Wise® LeanPro is a comprehensive overview of the rules, tools and elements of Lean, authored by experts with hands-on, practical experience. The structured content presents Lean theory, best practices, case studies and in-depth discussion of Lean principles in a clear, concise manner.

“The how-to information needed to effectively train and deploy Lean in the workplace is well defined,” said Eaton. In addition to Time Wise® LeanPro Manufacturing, Florida Tech offers Time Wise® LeanPro Healthcare and Time Wise® LeanPro Office.

The Florida Tech Office of Strategic Initiatives offers a variety of existing courses and expertise in developing and customizing training for local and national employers. The office also presents the annual Conference on Global Preparedness. For more information, contact Eaton at (321) 674-8342 or visit http://www.fit.edu/gcp.

Time Wise Management Systems is a nationwide training and business advisory firm that delivers world-class Lean solutions that help organizations achieve strategic process improvements, sustain their performance gains and drive continual improvement across their supply chains.

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