Florida Tech Provides Opportunities and Experiences

Forensic psychology. When most people think of the subject, their minds immediately jump to television shows such as Criminal Minds or CSI. But there is a lot more to it.

Initially, I chose Florida Institute of Technology because it was one of only four schools that provided a forensic psychology program at the undergraduate level. Florida Tech was the only college I visited, and once I was accepted, the choice was simple. Small class sizes, close relationships with faculty and staff and a rigorous academic curriculum were all desirable qualities of the university.

Florida Tech may be a smaller school in size, but not in spirit or experience.  When I arrived on campus, I got what I was expecting and so much more. The benefits of attending a small school are longer than I could possibly list. If I had to describe my top three favorite things about studying at a more intimate institution, it would be family, opportunity and adventure. The sense of fellowship here at Florida Tech is huge. It is impossible to be just a face in the crowd. From your first day of orientation until the day of your graduation, you will be part of a greater family—one that spans across all 50 states and over 110 countries all across the globe.  You become a member of a greater community that is there for you. When walking from one class to another, you are guaranteed to run into at least one friend.

When the entire campus becomes your family, you learn about the numerous opportunities beyond academics available to all students. Whether your interest is dancing, scuba diving or surfing, there are numerous clubs and organizations from which to choose. A smaller school offers you a greater opportunity to incorporate the things you are passionate about with your academics. I’ve had the fortune to travel to both surfing national championships and leadership development institutes all thanks to Florida Tech.

With the combination of university activities and your new found international family, you can go just about anywhere. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Caribbean islands and Central America during my time here. Funnily enough, even in other countries you’ll meet your friends from school. While in El Salvador, I came across Oscar, one of the Florida Tech trolley drivers (yes, our school has its own trolley system). So whether you are looking for rigorous academics, a home away from home, or a place to pursue your passions, Florida Tech has it all.

Florida Tech may be a smaller-sized school, but it makes up for that in resources and opportunities for each and every student here.

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