Florida Tech Receives $85,000 for Ocean Engineering Fellowships

– The Link Foundation of Binghamton, N.Y. has awarded $85,000 for fellowships and fellowship administration to Florida Tech’s Department of Marine and
Environmental Systems (DMES). The three 2004-2005 fellowship recipients, who will receive $25,000 each, are from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and The Johns Hopkins University.

The gifts mark the sixth consecutive year that the foundation has provided funding to the university for Ocean Engineering and Instrumentation program
fellows. Dr. George A. Maul, professor of oceanography and DMES head, administers the Link Fellowship program. Fifteen fellowships have been awarded since
the foundation began funding the program in 1999.

The Link Foundation was established in 1953 by Edwin and Marion Clayton Link. The foundation makes grants to qualified nonprofit organizations interested
in the mastery of the air and sea, and the development of energy resources and their conservation, and in simulation and training. The Link Foundation
Ocean Engineering and Instrumentation Fellowship program is designed to support graduate education in doctoral-granting universities in the United States
and Canada.

The Department of Marine and Environmental Systems integrates the expertise and skills of scientists, engineers, and resource managers. DMES offers
undergraduate and graduate degrees in oceanography, environmental science, ocean engineering and meteorology.

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