Florida Tech Receives Two $350K Flight Simulators from Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust

MELBOURNE, FLA.—A generous donation from the Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust brought Florida Institute of Technology two Frasca 242 Piper Seminole Level 5 Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs). The simulators, valued at $350,000 each, are housed in the Emil Buehler Center for Aviation Training and Research, at Melbourne International Airport, home of FIT Aviation.

The FSTDs are manufactured by Frasca International Inc. in Urbana, Ill. The cockpit is made from fiberglass and accurately replicates the flight deck of an actual Piper Seminole aircraft. It includes the actual Avidyne Entegra integrated avionics system as installed within a Piper Seminole. The FSTD is equipped with Frasca’s TruFeel electronic control loading system, which provides realistic, variable control pressures throughout the flight envelope. It is also equipped with TruVision Global visual system, which is displayed through three LCD projectors onto a cylindrical screen and provides pilots a 180° horizontal by 40° vertical field of view.

Said Glenn Vera, director of FIT Aviation, “The realism exhibited with this device will greatly aid the flight students as they progress through their multi-engine training.”

Students may use up to 25 hours simulator time during the multiengine commercial course and multiengine add-on course—for initial familiarization training, emergency procedures and instrument training. “The benefits of conducting flight training in the FSTDs include safety, effectiveness and scheduling availability,” added Vera.

 FIT Aviation was established in 1968. Part of the College of Aeronautics for academics, FIT Aviation handles flight training. Today, FIT Aviation provides flight training, from beginning to advanced, to Florida Tech students and the general public.

For more information about FIT Aviation, visit http://www.fitaviation.com/





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