You Know You’re a Florida Tech Student When….

1. It seems everyone around you is from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts or New Hampshire.
Don’t be nervous if you are traveling hundreds of miles south for your college career, Florida Tech consists of students from all over the United States and around the world. As a New Yorker, I have noticed that many Northeasterners migrate to Florida Tech for their undergraduate education. Although I have met people from all over the world, it still holds a sense of home and culture from the Northeast.

2. A buffalo chicken wrap completes your week.
No matter how many tests and quizzes you may have on Thursday, you will always enjoy at least one half hour. Sub Café and Deli’s Thursday special is a buffalo chicken wrap (magical ingredients include: chicken, lettuce, shredded cheese, ranch and hot sauce), with a side of chips or fruit, that no student, faculty or staff member can resist.

3. You get a case of frostbite every time you enter the classroom.
Florida is HOT, but Florida Tech classrooms are subzero. Although it sounds crazy to think to bring sweatshirt to class in Florida, I strongly suggest it.

4. Greek Life is considered a family, not a war zone.
Florida Tech Greek Life is completely different than any other I have ever encountered. Every weekend is filled with interfraternal social events, mixers and philanthropy activities. Greek Life is supported by everyone and every game, whether intramural or Greek Week, ends in handshakes and respect.

5. You’re at Old School Pizza way more than you should be.
Old School Pizza provides an environment that every college student wants to be a part of. They serve delicious food, have great servers, play awesome music and for those of age, pitchers are always served cold!

6. You’re constantly dodging a Nerf bullet.
Sometimes you think you’re part of The Walking Dead on your way to class. Humans vs. Zombies takes place each semester with over 100 students and the only thing standing between you and becoming a zombie is your Nerf weapon.

7. Professors yell in excitement about airplanes, molecules and galaxies.
Florida Tech professors are out of this world. They have passion for everything that they teach and dedicate their life to their lectures, students and research. Be careful: once you start a passionate Florida Tech professor on a subject about airplanes, science, or math, it is next impossible to walk away from it!

8. Continuously walking with squirrels and lizards to class.
Watch your step as you stroll through campus or walk to class; you might make a new friend on the way! Florida Tech’s sub-tropical campus is filled with lizards and squirrels.

9. Study Beach Days!
Grab your books and take your studies to the beach! With less than a 10-minute drive, almost every day at Florida Tech is a picture perfect day to “put your toes in the water and books in your hands!”

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