Florida Tech Summer Institute Lectures of Special Interest to Educators

– Florida Tech, as part of its 2005 Faculty Summer Institute, offers two upcoming lectures at no charge to the public. They are on May 9 and May 12, from
1:30 to 3 p.m. in the F.W. Olin Engineering Auditorium.

On May 9 is “How the Brain Learns: Impact on Diverse Learners,” presented by Dr. Alison Morrison-Shetlar. She is a professor of biology and the director of
the Karen L. Smith Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. This seminar introduces the learning and motivation to learn as human abilities that can be
stimulated by interactive teaching strategies.

On May 12 is “Getting Credit for What You Do,” presented by Dr. Laurie Richlin. She is president of the International Alliance of Teacher Scholars at
Claremont Graduate University and executive editor of the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching. This seminar is intended to facilitate progress from
ideas to products. It will cover turning good teaching ideas into publishable scholarship and demonstrating how your ideas help your students learn. The
session will include guidelines and support for creating course and teaching portfolios.

Florida Tech’s Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence sponsors the annual Faculty Summer Institute, which provides support for Florida Tech faculty
to develop projects that improve teacher effectiveness.

For more information, contact Prof. Wade Shaw at wshaw@fit.edu or Prof. Carol Shehadeh at shehadeh@fit.edu.

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