Florida Tech Team Places First in Hybrid Rocket Competition

MELBOURNE, FLA. — The Florida Institute of Technology hybrid rocket team took first place in the “precision flight to 2,000 feet” category, beating teams
from the University of Florida, University of Central Florida and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. A total of 10 teams met to compete in two
categories of the hybrid rocket competition in April in Flagler County’s Cody’s Corner, Fla.

In addition to the precision team winning $750 for their first place finish, the Florida Tech maximum team, which was given an honorable mention, received
$250 for its participation in the “maximum altitude” event.

Florida Tech project leaders for the precision team were Kevin Beaudoin, Shawna Boucher and Navaneeth Saiprasad. Other team members included Marjorie
Lucas, Ethan Pepmiller, Namrata Dhingreja, Yethiraj Chamarthi, Mario Lento, Chantale Neira and Chris Nagel. The maximum team, led by Richard Schulman and
Esteban Guzman, included Mark Mendelevitz, Sahil Rawool, Robert Alleyne, Nakul Nambiar, Kapil Varshney, Tom McGuire, Waleed Tarig and Surai Singh. The
faculty adviser was Greg Peebles, university safety officer.

The event was sponsored by the Florida Space Grant Consortium and the Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry.

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