Florida Tech to Celebrate Addition of King Air C90 to F.I.T. Aviation Fleet

– F.I.T. Aviation will unveil its new King Air C90 plane at a ceremony at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 12 in the F.I.T. Aviation Hangar at Melbourne
International Airport.

The seven-passenger plane greatly enhances the School of Aeronautics’ flight program by giving students expanded learning opportunities and local travelers
a new charter option for same-day business trips. The King Air is a turbine prop plane, flying at high speeds above Florida’s often-tricky weather.

Dr. Michael Karim, dean of the School of Aeronautics, said the new plane will be an excellent tool, allowing complex turbine time for elite students.

“This new plane will provide select students with an opportunity to sit in the ‘right seat’ or co-pilot’s seat and gain experience in a pressurized turbine
twin,” said Karim. “They will get valuable flight hours and stronger credentials upon graduation as a result.”

Jim McIntyre, president of F.I.T. Aviation, said the plane will become a staple of the Panther Air Express charter service later this summer.

“A plane of this quality will allow us to offer excellent service to the Brevard business traveler,” said McIntyre. “A flight in the King Air to Tampa, for
example, will take less than half an hour, while a trip to Tallahassee can be made in under an hour.”

Students will not serve as co-pilots on chartered flights.

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