Florida Tech to Host Cross-Cultural Management Summit March 6-8, 2014

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Gaining awareness of social, economic and cultural trends has become a 21st century imperative. To support communication and collaboration across international business borders, Florida Institute of Technology’s Institute for Cross Cultural Management (ICCM) will host  “Cross-Cultural Management Summit: Emerging Challenges and Solutions,” March 6-8, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Melbourne, Fla. Academic, business and government leaders are welcome.

The summit will bring together cross-cultural thought leaders, government professionals, global executives and non-profit leaders to network and develop solutions to the current challenges of global engagement and international business. Global professionals will gain access to top scholars and evidence-based practices for improving cross cultural management. Scholars will have the opportunity to identify the cross-cultural issues that are most important to global organizations.

From the University of Central Florida, University Trustee Chair and Pegasus Professor of Psychology Dr. Eduardo Salas, will make the keynote presentation, “Translating Science into Practice within Cross Cultural Management.” Other thought leaders will lead sessions to solve problems related to cross-cultural competence, global leadership and managing conflict across cultures.  

Summit Chair and Director of Research for the Institute for Cross-Cultural Management, Jessica Wildman, said, “Organizational science only matters to the extent that it benefits real people in real organizations. With this summit we hope to close the gap between the creators and consumers of cross cultural management science.”

For more information and to register, visit the summit website at http://research.fit.edu/iccm/summit, or send email to jwildman@fit.edu or Richard Griffith, griffith@fit.edu.

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