Florida Tech’s Tri Beta Honor Society Prepares for Fear

This year Florida Tech’s Tri Beta Biological Honor Society was invited to participate in the Brevard Zoo event Boo at the Zoo. Boo at the Zoo, is a community event, held every October and focuses on entertaining children and adults. In a children’s section kids can go trick-or-treating, and, for adults, there is the haunted trail.

The haunted trail this year featured on six different scenes designed to increase anxiety and horror. This year Tri Beta supplied the manpower to run the trail and we couldn’t have been more excited. Dressed in witches garb, grim reaper outfits, and ghillie suits, Tri Beta prepared to scare the pants off of anyone who attended the event. Due to this scare factor, the age preference for the haunted trail was anyone above the age of 10.

To prepare for this event, Tri Beta had been in contact with the Brevard Zoo to keep up to date with costuming, scene construction, scene ideas and the overall execution. We made sure this event succeeded without any hitches!

Along with Boo at the Zoo, Tri-Beta created its own haunted lab for the same day as Treat-or-Treat at the Residence Quad at Florida Tech. Treat-or-Treat is an annual Florida Tech event where children of the community can have fun in a safe environment on campus. When community members are finished with Treat-or-Treat, they will be invited to the Haunted Lab, where Tri Beta members decorate three laboratories in the Olin Life Sciences Building. Each lab, decorated according to a theme, has candy for the children.

From volunteering at the Brevard Zoo every October weekend, to preparing for the Haunted Lab today, Tri Beta had a full plate this month.

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