Flying Florida Tech

My Classroom

I don’t know many friends who can say that they love getting up at 5AM and see the sunrise, enjoy fresh french toast, and travel all over Florida in one morning. That’s my class I am required to attend. My classroom has 200 horsepower, weighs 2,750 pounds and holds 4 hours of gas. Florida is my classroom.

The flight program at FIT Aviation is second to none, our aircraft are brand new state of the art and maintained better than many of the airline’s aircraft out there today. We have 5 different types of aircraft to choose from ranging from beginning trainers to complex multi-engines.

After only a year here and no logged flight hours before I began training I’ve already logged over 140 hours and I am rated to fly over 80% of the aircraft in our fleet. It is such an awesome feeling to drive by the airport and look out over all our planes and go “I can fly that, and that, and that one over there… and that one too!”

Life as a Student and a Student Pilot

School is not easy. If it were, everyone would get A’s and nobody would attend classes. In reality studying takes a lot of time. Couple that with trying to survive (like eating for example) and time for friends, wash, sleep, all those good things, and there isn’t much time for anything else. Now add flying. It Isn’t easy.  But each and every kid involved in the flight program makes it work. Manage your time well and you can double major with time to spare. I can say from experience it takes a few weeks to really realize what works and what doesn’t; doing poorly on a few quizzes showed me pretty quickly where time needed to be spent.

The flying portion of school is by far my favorite, having a 360 degree view of the world as a classroom really opens your eyes to the world. Even after only one week from the start of classes we were already up in the air flying the planes, after having no experience at all. Florida is the BEST place to learn to fly. So many airports and such a nice atmosphere. The more you put into the program the more you get out of it.

(Another plus: Mom loves getting asked, “So what is your son doing for college?” “Oh, Philip? He’s in pilot training at Florida Tech, I think he’s in Key West this weekend and he has another flight at the end of the month to Hilton Head, SC. How about your son?”)

Come fly with me!

I’m as happy as could be with choosing to fly at FIT. The opportunities are endless and the lifestyle is really the best I could have dreamt of living. Come fly with us! If you have any questions about the program or anything else Florida Tech click on the contact info and write to me!

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