Fraternity Rush Week

Old friends graduated in December 2011 and new friends started their freshman year at Florida Tech.  So say goodbye to your previous semester and welcome the coming Spring 2012 semester.

First week of college at Florida Tech.
I hope all of you had a great winter break with your friends and family. Everyone is back and getting to know their new professors and learning about new subjects. You will have Biometry and Development Biology if you are pursue a BS degree in Pre-Med. Always try to get to know your professors and make appointments with them when necessary. The first week of college can be crazy and gather plenty of  meetings. Take time to organize your schedule such that your have your classes and your club meetings and still have enough time to study.

During your junior year, you will have research papers and lots of homework. Now you need to give more time to your studies and pay attention to taking exams  like the MCAT or GRE.

During the first week, all fraternities put up a rush week and events for the new and current students to be part of a brotherhood. During the first 4 days, all the fraternities set up a table to answer questions about the brotherhood and the events they have. All the guys out there should  check out the fraternities. A fraternity is a value-based organization, whose objective is to better its members and to service the community with a life-time commitment. They teach you values, history, personal skills, social network and the life-time brotherhood when needed.

The rush week is an advertising and recruitment week for students  to get to know about the different organizations they could join. All fraternities make arrangements for students to come to their events, like a game time, a cook-out or other activities. We have 7 fraternity organization groups which are the following: Alpha Tau Omega (ATO), Chi Phi, Delta Tau Delta (Delts), Lambda Chi Alpha (Lambda Chi), Pi Kappa Alpha (Pikes), Pi Lambda Phi (Pi Lams), Sigma Tau Gamma (New) and Tau Kappa Epsilon (TEKE). They try to get to know you and see if you would make a good fit to their organization. 

On the fifth day, you get bids from the fraternities that chose you. The bids last for one year. If you get more than one bid, you have to choose just one. On that very day the guys who get the bids, are invited to a party where they hang out with the brothers of the fraternity. You can deny it or accept it. To such events, the rule was said that the girls do not attend them and vice-versa.

Next, it’s is the sororities turn to do the same.

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