Fright or Flight

Explore the skies. Take flight!

Although my primary goal at Florida Tech is to become a pilot, I am scarcely able to photograph and document it, since pilots must uphold a dedicated responsibly to safety. However, on rare occasions, I’m able to snag a free observation flight at the flight line. This opportunity is available to students who are in flight training.

This photo gallery is merely a glimpse into the wonders of the sky. The conditions for flying were pristine, as they often are after a Florida cold front and the associated high pressure asserts itself on the peninsula. A temperately mild, calm January day is the end result. Departing runway 5 from Orlando-Melbourne International Airport, the cross-country took us to Okeechobee Regional, affectionately known as KOBE.

The pictures reflect the pristine environment the sky offers to aviators and passengers alike. There are risks that come to being in the sky, after all, we aren’t exactly meant to fly. Aside from mechanical issues, there are other aircraft, birds, and the weather that must be dealt with quick and accurate thinking. Proper flight training is a key to success in mitigating all four types of the risks mentioned. A vast majority of the time, the aviators complete the task at hand with great precision and dedication, making it a very desirable community to be a part of. This will certainly not be my last observation flight this semester!

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