Freshman Year Lessons

Moving away to college has been the greatest blessing and challenge that I have ever had to face thus far. Here are some pieces of advice that I have learned these first few months as a panther.

Explore your surroundings. Florida is a most beautiful state with even more interesting people. Florida Tech’s location on the space coast is ideal. Taking day trips to Cocoa Beach, Orlando, and even the Florida Keys is an excellent way to meet new people and feel at home in a land far away from where most panthers were born.

Due dates are dangerous. The losers of races never determine the winners. This is why due dates have the ability to drag even the best of students to the back of the class. Do your work when it is assigned as opposed to right before it is due. This will make more time for social and extracurricular activities. Be in front of the race. Do not drag behind your community.

Finally, get to know your professors. Florida  Tech is full of professors who are eager to acquaint with the hungry young minds of tomorrow. This is why  Florida Tech hires such an esteemed staff. A great deal of learning occurs outside of the classroom. I have had the fortunate opportunities to make friends with Dr. Winston Scott, a NASA astronaut on staff here at Florida Tech! The advise and guidance he has already given me puts me on the tracks to achieving my dreams of flying in space. There is staff available at Florida Tech for all disciplines of science. Become a part of this high tech community.

Freshman year can be a roller coaster ride. These three skills will be useful for the rest of my career. Even though different in practice, these skills all have something in common: community. Becoming a part of a community that is diverse, supportive, and knowledgable cultivates goals into realities. Becoming a part of the panther community is the challenging roller coaster ride that can foster any dream into a reality.


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