Geeky Gadgets: The Spy Net Vision Mission Watch

As a mechanical engineer (or one in the making), stereotypically one of my interests is technology. I love cool gadgets and toys that revolve around technology and science. Being a big geek myself, I usually have an eye on awesome electronics that if I had all the money in the world, would surely purchase in an instant.

I decided to share some of my personal favorites (or stuff that I just find really intriguing) and write a monthly column on their technological awesomeness.

When I was younger, I was a HUGE fan of the Spy Kid movies. I mean, who has never wanted to be a spy in his or her lifetime?! One concept of the movie that caught my attention was all the high-tech gadgets the kids would used in their spy missions. My personal favorite has always been the watches that can do anything—except tell time. Internet, GPS, walkie-talkie, phone, calculator, satellite TV. All incredible features jammed packed in a teeny compartment that straps to your wrist. I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve always wanted one… It seems fun to have so much power just on your wrist!

Of course, it’s just a movie and sadly I’ll never be able to have the exact same watch as Juni Cortez did. But thanks to the internet and scientists with a lot of time on their hands, I found a spy watch that comes pretty close to the fantasy prototype. The Spy Net Vision Mission Watch is a really cool piece of technological work. It can record up to four hours of audio, record up to twenty minutes of video (even night vision), take up to 2,000 pictures and has a nifty camera extension so you can see around walls!

Oh yeah! I can picture it now, ninja rolling across rooms in super stealth mode and going on super-secret government missions… Well, something of the sort. Fellow spy tech enthusiasts can find this gadget at Think Geek. You should totally browse around for a little bit, there are some super awesome toys for geeky gadget lovers.

This is just a bit of tech that really takes me back to the earlier days. Keep a look out for next month’s “Geeky Gadget” post. Until next time!

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  1. Thanks Alejandra. I enjoyed the spy kids series as well. I watched in in my 30s and now am in my …. but still remember the gadgets they played around with. Maybe in time to come, mainstream watches might match and even surpass the spy kids watches.

  2. Thanks Alejandra I feel the same way you do about the spy watch. Spy Kids is just too awesome.

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