Graduate Student Earns Coveted NASA Fellowship

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Doug Cramer, a Florida Tech doctoral student in physics and space sciences, has been selected for a NASA Graduate Student Researchers
Program (GSRP) Fellowship to pursue space physics studies under the direction of his adviser, Niescja Turner, Ph.D.

The $30,000 GSRP renewable 12-month awards are made to help graduate students in the fields of science, mathematics and engineering whose work relates to
NASA research and development.

Cramer’s field of study focuses on the development of the ring current, which is a ring of charged particles in the Earth’s magnetic field that is a key
feature of magnetic storms. Magnetic storms also produce the aurora, (or northern and southern lights), and cause space weather events that can affect
satellite communications.

The goal of the GSRP program is to cultivate research ties to the academic community and help meet the nation’s aeronautics and space requirements by
increasing the number of highly trained scientists and engineers in aeronautics and space-related disciplines. 
The intent is to broaden the base of students pursuing advanced degrees in science, mathematics and engineering. The program supports approximately 180
graduate students annually in the United States.

Cramer earned a master’s degree in space sciences from Florida Tech in 2007 . He received his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Texas A&M
University in 1990.

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