Guest Blogger: Brooke Fisher

I found my internship through Dr. Strother. Since we were already planning on going to the Netherlands she did some research on International companies that would be willing to accept me as a short term intern. Luckily, Excerpta Medica was looking for someone at the time and I was able to finalize my position there within a week of leaving Florida. My main responsibilities consisted of a research project. I focused on a target analysis based on the acting Cardiologists in the U.S., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and England. Using a specific product, Lipitor, I was assigned the job of finding out which media channels are best to use when reaching the target market of these different cultures. In addition to my main job, I was also able to organize workshops and partake in training sessions which helped me get a better feel of the company itself. My favorite part of my working experience was having the ability to learn something new every day. Being in a company that employed people from 49 different countries made it easy for me to feel like a world traveler just talking over coffee and cake. This experience has ultimately prepared me for life after college because I now feel much more confident knowing that I can work independently and be successful in a new and exciting environment. My graduate classes prepared me for the real world, but the hands-on experience is one of a kind and is definitely something everyone should have a chance to experience.

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