Guest Blogger: Curtis Horton

I was offered an internship in 2010, with CommutAir. I found out about the internship from Career Management Services.

I was under the leadership of Marval July, the director of safety and security.
Marval assigned me several projects including developing a safety management system for the company.

To promote the implementation of the safety plan, Marval and I used a web based assessment tool (WBAT) to graphically display areas of concern. I compiled and processed hundreds of safety incident reports into the WBAT database.

The internship was a great experience because working with airline professionals gave me more inspiration. I know that a lot of planning, teamwork, and networking go into the structure of an airline and it was cool to experience these firsthand.

The best part about my experience was the new hire pilot ground school. I went through 5 weeks of intense training on the aircraft systems and company operations. At the conclusion of those 5 weeks I really felt accomplished.

The internship made work as an airline pilot more tangible and realistic. Now I’m a first officer working for CommutAir, and still I’m amazed by the system I operate in.

I am grateful for my opportunity. Thank You Career Management Services!

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