Guest Blogger: Ken Coutain Jr.

I worked as the Noise Abatement Intern under Florence Straugh and Clara Bennett (FIT Alumni/ Skurla Award Recipient 2010). My responsibilities were to collect and organize noise data using a sophisticated noise tracking program, link and document any noise found to calls from residents in the area disturbed by the noise, and communicate with pilots and operators about FXE noise abatement procedures.

I loved the work environment that I was blessed to have been a part of. The staff was extremely welcoming and supportive, and made every day on the job worthwhile! I loved the work, even though it was an office internship and I am more accustomed to field work. Working as a noise abatement intern was an enjoyable experience. I also loved the amazing people I got the opportunity to meet and converse with; I had the pleasure of meeting with a lot of commissioners and airport consultants from all across the state of Florida.

This experience has given me a more in-depth perspective on a career in aviation. It has given me a “Plan B” option in the event of not being able to become an airline pilot. It has really shown me a comfortable and enjoyable life outside of the airline business, and I can honestly say I would be satisfied working in the aviation industry as an Airport Manager, Consultant, or even an Executive of Director of an airport.

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