Handling change in the workplace requires some flexibility

(Photo: Karen Gregory)

Change happens.  Some can go with the flow and others find change to be a real challenge.  When it comes to running a business, change is almost inevitable.  So, you “either flex to the changes or our rigidity may cause us to break” says Karen Gregory, SPHR, president and owner of HRSS Consulting Group .

Often, I’ve seen job postings that refer to the need to be flexible, adaptable, able to work under stress, etc. What does that really mean?  It almost seems to describe any one day in the life of a working professional.  If we want to succeed in business, we need to consider the role that our flexibility can have on that success.

This week, IGNITE mentor Karen Gregory wrote a great column in FLORIDA TODAY about the benefits of being flexible. Feel free to check it out HERE and remember to take action to adapt and overcome the changes we face!

Posted by Wanda Lipscomb-Vásquez, WBC

The original article, written by Karen Gregory, appeared in FLORIDA TODAY on May 13, 2014 – The Edge: Know professional worth, make it work


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