Helpful hints for time management

This week was extremely hectic as more and more of the homework and stress is piling on. I have a midterm in my space sciences class, psychology tests, math quizzes and on top of all of it, I’m teaching myself a new coding language. It can be extremely stressful, but that’s what college is about, or so they say. A good friend of mine, before I left, told me that if you want to make college a breeze then all you have to do is do everything on time. Manage every aspect of your time and if you follow that then boom! you don’t have to worry about missed deadlines, forgotten assignments, or crafting together a paper a few hours before it’s due. Now most of you have probably experienced “senioritis” in high school. Well you don’t want to have that carry over to college. Yeah, I can say I’m a master procrastinator, but honestly I’m trying to stop it. I bought an iPhone app that helps with time management and as nerdy as it sounds, it really works. Think about it, you always have your phone glued to your hand and you check it way too many times during the day so if you have all of your classes and homework on it then you shouldn’t have any problem remembering anything. Here’s some advice from me to you so you do not end up cramming for homework and studying and then at midnight realizing that you have a blog post to write that was due a few minutes ago 😉

  1. Always know how to manage your time. Make a mental list of what you have to do each day
  2. Write yourself a reminder. I’m a guy and usually I like to just keep things in my head, but sticky notes work much better
  3. Give yourself a break. Don’t burn yourself out on a hardcore study session. Get outside or go to dinner with the floormates so you don’t end scrounging for caffeine
  4. Reward yourself. This is the most important. If you don’t reward yourself then you just put yourself through mental anguish for nothing. Treat yourself so you’ll do it again
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