High-Tech High-Fives: Apple iPad

The new iPad is out! Everyone ditch your old one because Apple has done it again! Or, maybe not. As a computer science major, I am always keeping my finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest tech, but I wouldn’t call the new iPad revolutionary (as Apple calls it). Now, I’ll get this out of the way, but I myself am not a Mac person in most scenarios. This scenario is no different with the new iPad, simply seeing a performance boost and a better screen is hardly something I’d say that constitutes releasing a new product. Yes, Apple does release a new product every year and old products becoming obsolete is inevitable, but with every iteration of the iPad, there have historically been major improvements, such as new software or a new look. This time the screen is better and 4G is available, not something I’d shell out over $500 for.

4G is the biggest improvement, but I feel that it’s been implemented too soon. A lot of people buying the new iPad won’t even buy the 4G model or even have access to 4G where they live yet, so it is a rushed improvement in my eyes. So what comes first, the device or the infrastructure? I will say that the iPad is a useful device, but I personally think it is a waste of money to upgrade your device for such minor improvements. I think Apple has done a disservice to their customers.

I guess in the end, it is a matter of personal preferences and the fact that technology becoming outdated is inevitable. If you already have the iPad 2, save your money for something more useful or maybe even the next iPad…sigh.  No high-fives for the new iPad.

What device or technology should I cover in my next High-Tech High-Fives column?

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