High Tech with a Psychological Touch

Psychology at a technical university — seems a bit unusual, doesn’t it? Unusually great for the students at Florida Institute of Technology, that is.

Each year, Florida Tech brings another adventure with it. No matter what major you are. When it comes to the School of Psychology, the adventures become more and more interesting as you work through your undergraduate career. Each year brings new possibilities, and some of the ones students found most noteworthy are:

Small classes:

They may seem like a bummer to some, but it’s a great load of fun when it comes to being in the classroom. The professors make an effort to get to know their students and bring the material to life. Guest speakers, real-life application of the material, role playing and group exercises are all part of the curriculum. In one class, you’re listening to a lecture, and in the next, you’re looking into a criminal procedure and the reasoning behind people’s decisions. The small class sizes also mean you aren’t just another face in the crowd. There’s no getting lost in the crowds, only getting lost in all the interesting classes we can take.

Learning things that matter:

Besides taking interesting classes, as a psychology major at Florida Tech, we also have to take a professionalism class that helps prepare us for one of the most important parts of our undergraduate career: internships.  The school helps prepare us for the real world, teaching us how to write our own resumes, dress professionally and complete job interviews.


The best part about all of this? The school has a lot of opportunities for internships and contacts to get you further. All of the interesting professors do a lot more than just teach classes. Professors also spend a lot of time doing research — research that students can actively get involved in as an internship or just for job experience. There is research in fields such as autism treatment, corrections of criminals and many more.

More than just psychology:

The professors at Florida tech don’t just teach us about their field of study. They teach us about how the things we learn apply to our day-to-day lives, no matter what type of class you take. If you’re doing forensic psychology, you will learn all kinds of interesting facts and tricks that can make life safer (and of course the occasional funny story of how stupid criminals can be). Or you can take a group behavior class in which you learn about why it is that friend circles stick together.

These are just a few of the many great things about being a psychology major here (if I had to list all of them I would run out of writing space). Florida Tech is a home away from home — a home that wants to help you succeed. It is a dream come true.

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